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The Great Barrier Reef and the coal mine that could kill it

These are dark days for Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. On 29 July, the last major regulatory hurdle facing the development of Australia’s largest coal mine was removed by Greg Hunt, minister for the environment. The Carmichael coal mine, owned by India’s Adani Group, will cover 200 sq km and produce 60m tonnes of coal a year – enough to supply electricity for 100 million people.

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Pollution triples mercury levels in ocean surface waters study finds

Toxic metal threatens marine life as it accumulates faster in shallow layers than in deep sea due to human activity. The amount of mercury near the surface of many of the world’s oceans has tripled as the result of our polluting activities, a new study has found, with potentially damaging implications for marine life as the result of the accumulation of the toxic metal.

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The World Bank’s New Environmental and Social Policies Fail to Tackle Climate Change

Over the last two years, the Bank has been reviewing its environmental and social safeguard policies. The review process presents an important opportunity for the Bank to adopt best practices for promoting low-carbon and resilient development by establishing strong policy language on climate change. Nonetheless, a draft of proposed new policies does not address climate issues systematically.

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