Victims at Informal Settlement in South Africa

Victims at Informal Settlement in South Africa. © Greenpeace



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Energy you want? Vattenfall’s Dark Side

This damning report depicts the hidden shadow of publicly-owned Swedish coal company Vattenfall. This report reveals Vattenfall's dark side, with private armies of mercenaries in Colombia responsible for thousands of murders, including local miner union bosses, and mass environmental destruction in Germany. Read More

Environmental Justice Atlas (EJAtlas) Map

The Environmental Justice Atlas comprises of regional and thematic maps covering ecological distribution conflicts around the world, drawing on activist knowledge and linking them with material trade flows among other variables, and providing a platform for communication amount Environmental Justice Organizations and researchers working on related issues. 

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China is hitting its climate targets years ahead of schedule

China’s 13th five-year plan is quite possibly the most important document in the world in setting the pace of acting on climate change. 

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Three mining companies in Mozambique in distress

Three coal mining companies in Mozambique’s Tete province are at a standstill or operating part time due to falling prices of raw materials in international markets, Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias reported. 

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Energy Poverty Then and Now

This paper, based on IEEFA’s ongoing quantitative analysis of the coal industry, outlines in a qualitative way the links between energy poverty, economic poverty and economic development that form the backdrop today to the debate over coal-fired power generation. We see limitations on coal as a development tool and we note its modern impact on poor people in a wide range of different countries with many different cultures, political histories and approaches to market development. Read More
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