Norway’s Government Pension Fund Divests!


It’s the biggest divestment in coal history! The Norwegian Parliament unanimously voted in June to remove coal from the country’s $890 billion government pension fund. Considered the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world, the decision means that power and mining companies whose activities or revenue is at least 30% coal related will be removed from the portfolio.

“Norway’s decision to take a stand against coal is an example for other governments – and for investors – about shifting from polluting energy sources towards clean, renewable power,” said Greenpeace International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo.

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According to calculations made by Urgewald, Greenpeace and Future in Our Hands, the new criteria will most likely force the fund to divest from 122 companies totalling USD $8.7 billion.  The divestment is set to occur in January 2016.

For more information about the decision check out the reports, briefing papers and news articles below.

 Reports and Briefing papers

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