Private dinners, lavish parties and shoulder rubbing. How coal giant Adani charmed Australia’s political elite

Guardian,  August 21, 2015

Why is it that for so long and under such extreme pressure, Australian political leaders of both dominant stripes have stood by one of the most controversial coal projects in the country’s history?

The project in question is the Carmichael coal mine – a $16 billion (or so) plan for Queensland’s Galilee Basin being endlessly proposed by Indian company Adani.

… could there be another causal factor that has contributed to the way Australian politicians have forcefully backed Adani for so many years?

Could that other factor be the close relationships that the company has managed to forge at the highest levels with Australia’s political leaders?

Whenever an Australian leader sets foot in India, it seems that a meeting with Gautam Adani is never more than a figurative (and sometimes literal) flight in a private jet away.

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