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Trusha Reddy

In only a few weeks, the COP23 UN-climate summit will take place in Bonn, Germany. We, civil society and social movements, will also be in Bonn during those weeks: amongst other events, there will be a Conference of Youth (2.-4.11.2017), an alternative People’s Climate Summit (3.-7.11.2017), and a major climate march (4.11.2017).

As a central clearing house for all these activities (and then some), we’ve created the page

Alongside information and updates on all the major events, there will be an event calendar where you can add all climate-related events that will take place in Bonn during the summit. Also, we’ve set up a couchsurfing-site where visitors can register to find accommodation. Please use your social media networks, your mailingslists etc to promote the website and the activities surrounding the COP23.

If you have any questions about the homepage, you can get in touch with Lisa Drukewitz ([email protected]).
See you in Bonn!

We have created 3 pictures which you can use for the promotion of the website and the sleeping place fair. Here is the download link