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China to Ban Coal With High Ash, Sulfur

China will ban certain types of highly polluting coal starting next year, making good on a vow its cabinet issued late last year as part of an accelerating campaign to clean up its air. The directive from China's top economic-planning agency is aimed at low-grade coal mainly coming from Indonesia and Australia. But analysts say exporters likely would be spared from a harsher brunt because Beijing lowered its targets from earlier, tougher limits.

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Australian Coal Is Not the Poverty-fighting Saviour for India

On August 12th, I stood with dozens of young Indians at the Annual General Meeting of the Indian-owned infrastructure company, GVK, in protest of their plans to dig up millions of tonnes of coal from Queensland's Galilee Basin and ship it to India. We are not fighting the reality that India needs energy to bring millions of our people out of poverty, but we are fighting the myth that coal is the solution.

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India’s Coal Illusion

The biggest untold story in the world is now out in the open. Despite warnings from the World Bank about the dangers of unchecked climate change the coal industry has a global pipeline of nearly 1,200 plants planned, 2/3 of which are in India and China. India alone has plans to build a coal fleet nearly twice the size of the entire U.S. coal fleet. But if this pipeline has you thinking that a coal-fired future is inevitable, think again. These grandiose plans are an illusion the coal industry seeks to maintain because the truth is the majority of this global pipeline is nothing but vapor.

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