Q: What do the circles mean?

A: The “Financing Country” that has provided or will provide support for a coal plant is marked in orange. The “Recipient Country” that will be the receiving financial support to build a coal plant is marked in blue. The size of the circle corresponds to the amount of coal plant capacity (in megawatts) being supported.

Q: What do the lines mean?

A: Lines show the relationship between the country helping to finance a coal plant (marked in orange) and the country where the plant will be built (marked in blue).

Q: What does the Current/Future/Stopped tab do?

A: To see projects already financed in the past, click on “Current” which will display the amount of financing provided by each country (in US dollars). Click on “Future” to view the list of potential upcoming coal projects, which will display based on the total proposed capacity in megawatts of future projects. “Stopped” indicates projects that have stalled for several years or that have been officially announced as cancelled. Information for all projects is displayed in megawatts since financial information for pending projects is not always available early on in the development of the coal project, so all projects are compared on the basis of megawatts for the sake of consistency.

Q: How do I view a different country?

A: Type the name of the country in the search bar or click on the country on the map. Click “Back” in the left hand column to return to the previous view, and then click on the country you would like to view.

Q: How accurate are locations?

A:  Locations are accurate for the majority of projects. Check the underlying GEM.wiki page to see the accuracy of the coordinates for an individual project.

Q: What do the numbers on the left side column mean?

A: Numbers in MW refer to the total capacity of coal plants being built or planned.

Q: Where is the financial information?

A: The amount of loans or guarantees provided for a project are listed at the individual project level. Click on a country and then on a specific project in order to view the detailed financial information.

Q: What does “TBD” mean?

A: For projects where the financing institution is not yet confirmed, but the country that is likely to finance the project is confirmed, the financing institution may be listed as “To Be Determined”.


Q: Does the tracker show all the plants in each country?

A: No, the tracker only shows plants with foreign government support through loans, insurance, equity investment or EPC involvement. This tracker does not currently include private financial institutions. Nor does it cover projects that solely receive domestic support, meaning that many projects in India and China are excluded.

Improving the Tracker

Q: What if I find an error or a missing project?

A: Please send information on errors or omissions to Ted Nace (ted AT tednace.com).


Q: Who built this tool?

A: The tracker was designed and produced by Global Energy Monitor (formerly CoalSwarm), a network of researchers seeking to develop collaborative informational resources on coal impacts and alternatives. To the extent possible, the information in the tracker has been verified by researchers and activists familiar with particular countries.

Web/GIS programming was done by Tom Allnutt and Tim Sinnott (GreenInfo Network).