Resources in Coal Myths

Electricity for all in India

Coal has always been the mainstay of the Indian electricity sector and many policymakers and analysts believe that it must remain the primary source of electricity generation for at least the next three to four decades. This view is based on the belief that a centralised electricity system based on an ever-expanding coal power generation base will ensure energy security, provide affordable energy for all and, importantly, address the issue of energy scarcity in India. In the world’s third largest producer of coal (after China and the United States), coal is king. This report challenges this view and proposes an alternative approach for India.

The End of China’s Coal Boom: 6 facts you should know

The facts behind China’s coal consumption are daunting. China is the world’s largest energy consumer and the leading emitter of greenhouse gases. China accounts for half the world’s coal consumption, but recently adopted air quality standards and the growth of renewable energy suggests the country’s coal boom is over. This report outlines 6 facts you should know about the end of China's coal boom.