Resources in Myth: Coal is Clean

The incompatibility of high-efficient coal technology with 2 degrees scenarios

This report shows that high efficiency coal plants are incompatible with the goal to keep global temperature rises to under 2°C. The global carbon budget and the time remaining to reduce greenhouse gas emissions simply do not allow for replacement of retired coal plants with new more efficient coal plants, let alone construction of new coal plants, regardless of the technology.

Energy and Air Pollution: World Energy Outlook Special Report.

A special report from The International Energy Agency (IEA) that outlines the links between energy, air pollution and health. It sets out in detail the scale, causes and effects of the massive negative health impacts from the energy industry and the ways in which the energy sector can contribute to a solution.

Fuelling the fire: The chequered history of Underground Coal Gasification and Coal Chemicals around the world

This report sets out the dangers that Underground Coal Gasification and Coal Chemicals pose in terms of climate change, local environmental impacts and public health. Against a backdrop of slow growth within the conventional coal industry, highly polluting, unconventional coal technologies threaten to further destabilise the earth’s climate.