Resources in Myth: Coal is Clean

Stopping the child brain drain

HEAL’s new briefing wants to draw attention to the fact that coal power plants are the number one source of mercury emissions in the EU, and the second largest source globally. With plans to more than double the coal capacity in the Western Balkans from 6.4 to 15 GW, mercury exposure is set to increase. HEAL advocates for the introduction of a moratorium on new coal projects, and a phase out of coal power generation in these countries.

EPA Announces National Limits to Reduce Toxic Pollutants Discharged into Waterways by Steam Electric Power Plants

Media Release, EPA, 20th September 2015

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today finalized a rule that will reduce the discharge of toxic pollutants into America’s waterways from steam electric power plants by 1.4 billion pounds annually, as well as reduce water withdrawal by 57 billion gallons per year, resulting in an estimated benefit of $463 million per year to Americans across the country.


Coal Industry’s Climate Plan Doesn’t Add Up

Coal producers and lobbyists are yet again promoting "clean coal" as the justification for continued expansion of energy coal as we make the inevitable transition to the low-carbon economy. Conscious that they can no longer credibly reject the evidence of accelerating climate change, the Minerals Council of Australia and the World Coal Association claim that the latest "clean coal" technologies, in the form of lower emission coal plants and carbon capture and storage, are an effective response.