Resources in Myth: Coal is Clean

“Clean Coal” is a dirty lie

Dirty coal is desperately trying to clean up it's image. Coal proponents are trying to buy their way into a clean energy future by promoting "high efficiency, low emissions" coal plants. It's time to stop this deception. This fact sheet describes the technologies used to control pollution and improve the efficencies of coal plants.

Public health leaders call for rapid coal phase-out

At the close of their international conference in Kolkata, as part of a broad “Call to Action for Public Health”, the world’s public health associations advocated “a rapid phase-out of coal” to limit further global warming and prevent illnesses and deaths associated with air pollution.

Toxic Pool Creeping Across India Kills Thousands of Kids Day by Day

Death crept without warning to the mud huts of Jogaeal in central India. One by one, children began to die, often in agony and exhibiting similar symptoms: convulsions, burning pain in the extremities, nausea, vomiting, fever and diarrhea. By the end of 2011, parents buried 53 of them in this forested hill country village occupied mostly by subsistence farmers and day laborers.