Resources in Myth: Coal is Clean

The Cost of Coal

Award-winning photojournalist Ami Vitale traveled with SIERRA magazine to Appalachia where coal is mined, to Michigan where coal is burned, and to Nevada where coal ash water is stored -- and discovered the Cost of Coal through the people who live with it. SIERRA asked people across the land to describe how the world's dirtiest energy source has disrupted their lives—and what they're doing to stop it.

The End of China’s Coal Boom: 6 facts you should know

The facts behind China’s coal consumption are daunting. China is the world’s largest energy consumer and the leading emitter of greenhouse gases. China accounts for half the world’s coal consumption, but recently adopted air quality standards and the growth of renewable energy suggests the country’s coal boom is over. This report outlines 6 facts you should know about the end of China's coal boom.

The Unpaid Health Bill: how coal power plants are making us sick

Emissions from coal power plants in Europe contribute significantly to the burden of disease from environmental pollution. The figures published in this report from the Health and Environment Alliance show that European Union-wide impacts amount to more than 18,200 premature deaths, about 8,500 new cases of chronic bronchitis, and over 4 million lost working days each year. The economic costs of the health impacts from coal combustion in Europe are estimated at up to €42.8 billion per year.