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Video: A line in the sand

This powerful 5-minute video tells the story of the campaign by retired coal miner Gary Kuklish and other residents of La Belle in Pennsylvania against pollution from the nearby dump site for coal ash from a nearby coal power plant.

The Bliss of Ignorance

Through first-hand testimony The Bliss of Ignorance investigates South Africa's complex relationship with one of the country's most abundant resources: coal. With experts predicting the creation of a "sick" generation in the Mpumalanga region (which is home to 12 of the world's largest power stations), this documentary looks at the impact of South Africa's energy policy - particularly the support for Eskom's coal-fired power stations - on public health. In February 2015 energy giants Eskom were granted five years grace from complying with atmospheric emission standards, making this film ever more timely and relevant.

Little Blue – A broken promise

A small community was promised a recreational dream. Instead they got a toxic nightmare. Watch their battle against coal ash, a toxic waste that is polluting hundreds of similar communities across America.

The Cost of Coal

Award-winning photojournalist Ami Vitale traveled with SIERRA magazine to Appalachia where coal is mined, to Michigan where coal is burned, and to Nevada where coal ash water is stored -- and discovered the Cost of Coal through the people who live with it. SIERRA asked people across the land to describe how the world's dirtiest energy source has disrupted their lives—and what they're doing to stop it.