Derogations From a Transition: Free E.U E.T.S allowances for the electricity sector in Poland

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Published by Client Earth Poland,  July 2016, the Derogations from a Transition report discusses in detail the ETS scheme for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union. This scheme covers more than 11,000 power and production plants in all the Member States of the EU, as well as those in Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway. Making this particular scheme the largest carbon dioxide (CO2) emission allowance trading system in the world, covering more than three quarters of the international trading in these allowances. The analysis of the functioning of the system of free greenhouse gas emission allowances in Poland was carried out in the light of European Union law. In this report, the authors attempt to highlight the problems related to the EU ETS scheme.

This 48-page report reveals most of the greenhouse gas emission allowances allocated to Poland by the European Commission and given to power generators for free have been used to fund coal-related infrastructure rather than diversifying the country’s power sector away from coal. For the full report follow the link provided here.