Energy you want? Vattenfall’s Dark Side

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 8.50.10 amUrgewald, April 2016

This damning report depicts the hidden shadow of publicly-owned Swedish coal company Vattenfall. Vattenfall owns coal power stations in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands and sources the majority of its coal from Russia and Columbia. Part one uncovers Vattenfall’s customer relationship to two international mining companies, Drummond and Prodeco with mines in Cesar province, in the north of Colombia. The companies have been found to employ private armies and be a key source of financing for the Juan Andres Alvarez Front, a paramilitary group that between 1996 and 2006 killed over 3,100 people in Cesar’s coal mining region. Among the victims were Valmore Locarno Rodríguez and Victor Hugo Orcasita, president and vice-president of the miner’s union Sintramienergetica.

Part two discusses the severe environmental degradation that the company has inflicted upon Lusatia, Germany’s landscapes. One hundred kilometres southeast of Berlin, pine and oak forests, marshes, farms and villages have been turned into gigantic mines, some as large as Manhattan and 130 meters deep. Devoid of all life, these vast alien landscapes of dirt and dust look as if they were on another planet.

Download the full report here.