Fossil fuel divestment: a $5 trillion challenge

Hay Point, Queensland © Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Hay Point, Queensland © Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Bloomberg New Energy Finance, August 25th 2014

Oil & gas and coal companies form one of the world’s largest asset classes, worth nearly $5trn at current stock market values. In the past two years, dozens of public and private institutions have announced plans to divest fossil fuels from their portfolios – a movement one executive described as “one of the fastest-moving debates I think I’ve seen in my 30 years in markets”.

Fossil fuels are investor favourites for a reason. Few sectors offer the scale, liquidity, growth, and yield of these century-old businesses vital to today’s economy. This White Paper explores the motivations behind fossil fuel divestment, the scale of existing fossil fuel investments, and potential alternatives for investment re-allocated from oil, gas, and coal stocks. The key finding from the report is that significant divestment from coal would be much easier than significant divestment from oil and gas.

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