Launching The CorruptionInCoal Website

Tuesday, May 09, 2017. As a journalist who covers coal and energy, you have no doubt come across stories of corruption and scheming in these industries. Few reporters, however, are aware just how widespread the abuses have been across the globe. No part of the world is immune to the intimidation, deceit, fraud, favoritism, violence, bribery and financial shadiness that seem to be especially acute in the coal and utility sectors.

Now, through the efforts of, there is a website designed to track these stories worldwide, to connect the dots between the individual instances of corruption into a more complete picture of a critical global problem.

CorruptionInCoal summarizes numerous examples of corrupt and shady dealing connected to the coal and electricity industries around the world – threats, harassment and scare tactics, cheating and cover-ups, rigged bidding, profit skimming, over-billing, tax evasion, golden parachutes, influence-peddling … and the list goes on. While it would be impossible to track them all, CorruptionInCoal does provide a select inventory of some of the most egregious allegations and incidents that, taken as a whole, reveal the sweeping scope of the problem.

For reporters covering the coal and electricity industries, the site can serve as a valuable background resource, providing possible connections and similarities between seemingly unrelated stories, with the aim of spurring the kind of inquiry that is needed to expose and end corruption. The end goal, obviously, is greater awareness, so that wherever corruption rears its head, the people and institutions hurt by it most are better informed and prepared to address the wrongdoing.

Please bookmark CorruptionInCoal and return to it frequently as we update the site with new case studies.

Thank you, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Eric Frankowski

Senior Program Director

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