New reports : Who are the banks and investors still financing coal plant development ?

We are very pleased to announce that BankTrack, urgewald, FoE France, Rainforest Action Network and Re:Common, with the support of 16 partners around the world, have just launched this morning two new reports revealing who are the banks and investors still financing the top 120 coal plant developers identified by urgewald in the Global Coal Exit List, and responsible for 2/3 of the global coal plant pipeline.

  • urgewald will tell you more on the investors report very soon, and here is the banks report presented on this webpage where you can find :
    The rankings of the top 20 banks financing coal plant developers
    The main findings of the report with Chinese and Japanese banks responsible for most of the financing, but also some western banks continuing to increase their financing to these companies despite new policies
    The scoring of the coal power policies of 42 big banks, with best practices. 14 international banks have now ended the direct financing of new coal plants worldwide. You can find the details of all coal banks moves in the past 2 years on this page. One bank adopted a policy excluding coal plant developers so far : the Dutch bank ABN Amro.
    6 case studies on specific coal plant developers mentioning some of their dodgy deals: NTPC (Rampal in Bangladesh), Shenhua and China Guodian (Indonesia), KEPCO (Nghi Son 2 in Vietnam), Eskom (Kusile and Medupi in South Africa), Marubeni (Thabametsi in South Africa and Cirebon 2 in Indonesia) and PGE (Rybnik and Opole in Poland).
    But the most interesting section for you should be the ‘Explore the data’ section where you can research yourself which coal plant developers your targeted banks have financed, or which banks have financed your targeted coal power companies planning some expansion.

We hope this new tool will help you in your campaigns, and will be happy to support you in your future campaigns.

Now that the lists of the top 120 coal plant developers and their financiers are revealed, we have the opportunity to together increase the pressure to stop the financial flows going to coal plant developers and would be thrilled if you join us in this campaign !