Reports in topic: Water

Thirsty Coal 2: Shenhua’s Water Grab

This report from Greenpeace East Asia reveals that Shenhua’s Coal-to-Liquid Project went to extraordinary lengths to secure water supply for its operations, and has found alarming evidence of widespread ecological and social damage resulting from its eight years of operations. Shenhua’s plundering of water at the cost of the local population and the environment is of such a scale that can only be described as a “water grab” in the most ruthless way.

Endangered Waters: Impacts of coal-fired power plants on water supply

In the last 20 years India’s energy demands have tripled and water requirements for the industry have doubled. This report by Greenpeace India focuses on the region of Vidarhba where in 2010, 71 power plants were in various stages of approval. India is already in a condition of water stress, and national demand for water is projected to outstrip supply in less than thirty years. National irrigation water requirements are expected to increase 50% by 2050. The government’s push on such water-intensive methods of power production, therefore, will make conflicts between power projects and agriculture inevitable.