Energy Solutions

African Energy Outlook

Sub-Saharan Africa’s energy sector can be improved to unlock a better life for its citizens. This report from the International Energy Agency describes one of the most poorly understood parts of the global energy system, offers an authoritative study of its future prospects, broken down by fuel, sector and sub-region and shows how investment in the sub-Saharan energy sector can stimulate rapid economic and social development across the region.

The Emerging Power of Microgrids

Over many decades, the centralized power grid — a one-way flow of electricity, generated by large, remote power plants and distributed over miles of transmission lines to homes and businesses — succeeded in delivering electricity across continents to billions. But in recent years the system’s shortcomings have become increasingly evident. The conventional grid is largely dependent on planet-warming fossil fuels. And because it’s so big and interconnected, it’s vulnerable to massive disruption by natural disasters and susceptible to physical or cyberattack

China’s Future Generation: assessing the major maximum potential for renewable power sources in China to 2050

This analysis from Entri and WWF shows that with “proven technology,” around 80 percent of China’s electricity generation can be met by renewable sources by 2050 if China immediately begins to implement ambitious energy efficiency measures and reduces the share of its energy-intensive industries while growing its services as a basis for sustainable economic development. This report finds that coal can be eliminated from China’s electricity mix by 2040, provided appropriate regulations or explicit carbon pricing measures are put in place.