Reports in topic: Energy Solutions

An Introduction to Integrated Resources Planning

Integrated Resources Planning (IRP) is a public process in which planners work together with other interested parties to identify and prepare energy options that serve the highest possible public good. This guide to Integrated Resource Planning introduces the IRP concept, contrasts it with conventional practices of power sector planning, and explains the IRP process step by step. The report also includes best practice examples from the United States and other countries.

Energy [R]evolution 2012

In this report, Greenpeace, GWEC and EREC, provide a consistent fundamental pathway for protecting our climate through investment in renewable energy. It's about getting the world from where we are now to where we need to be by phasing out fossil fuels and cutting CO2 emissions while ensuring energy security. To make the Energy [R]evolution real and to avoid dangerous climate change, Greenpeace, GWEC and EREC demand eight policies and actions are implemented in the energy sector.