Thirsty Coal: A Water Crisis Exacerbated


Greenpeace East Asia, 2012

As China’s economy grows its thirst for energy worsens.  Throughout the duration of the 12th five year plan (2011 – 2015),  China will construct 16 large-scale coal power bases. Coal mining is an extremely water-intensive industry, as are coal power plants and coal chemical industries. This research, commissioned by Greenpeace, estimates that the water demand created by China’s current energy strategy will reach at least 9.975 billion m² in 2015. In this report Greenpeace urges China to reconsider the distribution and scale of its coal power expansion strategy, watch over the water supply situation in its mega coal power bases, and makes adjustments to these ambitious plans in accordance with availability of water resources in western China over the remaining time left in the 12th Five year Plan period.

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