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CoalWire 66, 5th December 2014

This week the German Government has announced coal plants will be required to close, Greenpeace have released a major report on pollution from coal mines in South Kalimantan in Indonesia, a Turkish administrative court has rejected environmental assessment reports for a proposed US$2 billion coal power station and the largest Norwegian pension fund manager has announced it is dropping its investments in 27 coal company stocks.

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New Abbot Point dredge plan to dump spoils in wetlands

The Australian Environment Minister, Greg Hunt, appears poised to fast-track the approval of plans to dump millions of tonnes of dredge from a coal port expansion onto internationally significant wetlands in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. The government plans to assess the dumping of spoil from the proposed Abbot Point port expansion on the nearby Caley Valley wetlands under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act using "preliminary documentation".

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Will coal exports kill the Great Barrier Reef?

"An icon under pressure." That was how Australia's Great Barrier Reef was described recently by the body that manages it. Stretching along the Queensland coast, the reef is an underwater wonderland home to thousands of different fish and coral species. But it is facing multiple threats. Including coal.

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