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Coal giant exploited Ebola crisis for corporate gain, say health experts

Public health experts involved in the response to the Ebola crisis have condemned what they described as a ludicrous, insulting and opportunistic attempt to exploit the disease for corporate gain by the world’s largest privately-held coal company. As part of a PR offensive to rebrand coal as a “21st-century fuel” that can help solve global poverty, it has emerged that at the height of Ebola’s impact in Africa, Peabody Energy promoted its product as an answer to Africa’s devastating public health crisis.

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Pressures on coal show no signs of ending

When world leaders assembled at the G20 Summit in Brisbane last month, the corporation selected by the Australian government to address the G20 and spearhead its "thought leadership forum" was none other than United States coal producer Peabody Energy. Exhorting governments to address poverty with coal and other fossil fuels, Peabody's executives had a sure meeting of minds with Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who had made his controversial "coal is our future" comments days earlier. Less telegraphed in this sphere of "thought leadership" are the impending costs of an industry in decline, and what these costs mean for this country.

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