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G20: Reality bites for coal and climate change

Climate change almost forgotten in the cocoon of a coal sponsored energy forum in Brisbane. In the corporatised and coal-company sponsored cocoon of a pre-G20 talkfest in Brisbane, the burst of vocal protest came like a sudden jolt of the reality of life outside. “Peabody – we don’t want your coal,” came the loud but brief interlude from seven young climate change campaigners who rose to their feet to shout down Glenn Kellow, the chief operating officer of Peabody Energy, the world’s biggest privately owned coal company.

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America’s worst corporate ogre: How Big Coal is shamelessly plotting to stay alive

Just as it once helped Marlboro cigarettes push into Asia at the end of the last millennium, public relations giant Burson-Marsteller is helping Peabody Energy, the world’s largest private coal company, become the dominant supplier to the world’s most ravenous coal market, a role worth billions to Big Coal that could lock in decades of dangerously high carbon emissions

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