Indonesian President Jokowi: Stop the Central Java Coal Plant

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The Indonesian government is trying to build a dirty, polluting coal plant in Central Java, and we need your help to stop it!

Local villagers have fiercely resisted the massive 2000 MW Batang coal plant for more than three years. Seventy-four rice farmers have steadfastly refused to sell their land. The project would harm their rice fields, destroy the rich fisheries of the area, and emit toxic air pollution. It would also make it impossible for the Indonesian government to meet its greenhouse gas reduction commitments.

As a result of their opposition, local community members have been subjected to violence and intimidation. Villagers and local NGO workers have been beaten, shot at, threatened, imprisoned, kidnapped, and hospitalised, and the social fabric of the community has been ripped apart.

Just last month, the army and police moved into the area with large excavation equipment and started digging up rice fields, even though the landowners have not sold their land to the project.

We need your help to stop this dirty project! Let’s send a strong message to Indonesian President Joko (Jokowi) Widodo that thousands of people around the world are supporting the villagers and their efforts to stop dirty coal and promote clean energy.

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