Finance & Economics

Banking on Coal

This report from urgewald, Bank Track, CEE Bankwatch and Polska Zielona Siec, presents new research on the portfolios of over 100 banks and their responsibility for the suicidal growth rates of the coal sector. It provides a Who’s Who list of the financial institutions undermining the global climate system and our common future.

World Bank Accelerating Coal Development in Indonesia

The World Bank Group in 2013 pledged to limit coal lending to rare circumstances. Despite this the World Bank continues to finance coal development in Indonesia through support for financial intermediaries such as the Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund. This report argues that in order for the pledge to have any significance, the World Bank must immediately reverse its active support for massive coal developments in Indonesia.

Bankrolling Climate Disruption

To date, the banking sector has accelerated climate change through its "financed emissions," the greenhouse gas emissions induced by bank loans, investments, and financial services. This report from Bank Track and Rainforest Action Network analyzes the climate impacts of these emissions and the risks they pose for banks.

Bankrolling Climate Change: a look into the portfolios of the world’s largest banks

The study identifies the top twenty "climate killers" in the banking world. Among the top twenty are banks from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, China, Italy and Japan. This analysis finds that the top three banks fuelling climate change worldwide are JP Morgan Chase (EUR 16,5 bio.), Citi (EUR 13,7 bio.) and Bank of America (EUR 12,6 bio.).