Finance & Economics

Derogations From a Transition: Free E.U E.T.S allowances for the electricity sector in Poland

This 48-page report, published by Client Earth Poland, July 2016 discusses the European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme and reveals most of the greenhouse gas emission allowances allocated to Poland by the European Commission and given to power generators for free have been used to fund coal-related infrastructure rather than diversifying the country’s power sector away from coal.

Swept Under the Rug: How G7 Countries Conceal Public Financing For Coal Around The World.

The report finds that from 2007 to 2015, G7 countries have provided more than $42 billion in the form of direct finance, guarantees, technical assistance, and aid for coal power, coal mining, and related projects despite recent commitments made in Paris to transition their economies away from fossil fuels. Japan continues to be the worst G7 offender when it comes to public financing for coal projects, providing $22 billion from 2007 to 2015.