Fact Sheets

The Health Impacts of Energy Choices.

The Health Impacts of Energy Choices is a set of resources (including a briefing paper, a fact sheet, and two graphics) developed by the Healthy Energy Initiative that summarize the key health considerations in energy systems and energy policy. 

“Clean Coal” is a dirty lie

Dirty coal is desperately trying to clean up it's image. Coal proponents are trying to buy their way into a clean energy future by promoting "high efficiency, low emissions" coal plants. It's time to stop this deception. This fact sheet describes the technologies used to control pollution and improve the efficencies of coal plants.

Air pollution and health in Turkey

Air pollution is an important risk factor for health in Europe and worldwide. A recent review of the global burden of disease showed that it is one of the top ten risk factors for health globally. Worldwide an estimated 7 million people died prematurely because of pollution; in the European Union (EU) 400,000 people suffer a premature death.