Thirsty Coal: A Water Crisis Exacerbated

In this report Greenpeace East Asia urges China to reconsider the distribution and scale of its coal power expansion strategy, watch over the water supply situation in its mega coal power bases, and make adjustments to these ambitious plans in accordance with availability of water resources in western China over the remaining time left in the 12th Five Year Plan period.

Bankrolling Climate Change: a look into the portfolios of the world’s largest banks

The study identifies the top twenty "climate killers" in the banking world. Among the top twenty are banks from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, China, Italy and Japan. This analysis finds that the top three banks fuelling climate change worldwide are JP Morgan Chase (EUR 16,5 bio.), Citi (EUR 13,7 bio.) and Bank of America (EUR 12,6 bio.).

Mining Coal, Mounting Costs: the life cycle consequences of coal

Energy is essential to our daily lives, and for the past century and a half we have depended on fossil fuels to produce it. But, from extraction to combustion, coal, oil and natural gas have multiple health, environmental and economic impacts that are proving costly for society. This report from the Center for Health and the Environment at Harvard Medical School estimates that the life cycle impacts of coal, and the waste stream generated, are costing the U.S. public a third to over one-half a trillion dollars annually.